At Home IN Nashville

since 2003

Bob Huston, singer/songwriter, session guitarist, and husband from Nashville, TN. My music ranges from solo acoustic songwriter-type to band/ensemble rock. I've been trying to keep pace with getting my songs cut as well as helping others record their music in my studio. Along with studio work, I keep a fairly busy performance schedule going.

Quick history (cause it's long and as my mom said, "you ain't no spring chicken". Thanks mom). I've been playing guitar in front of people since I was 6 years old. I remember my first band at 12 years old and having my dad ask us to stop playing for awhile because it was scaring the cows away, and he couldn't get them in the barn. Bands in northern Pennsylvania could stay busy and my main band through the PA years, The Usual Suspects, stayed very busy. I could'of easily made a living just playing in that band, but as an educated mechanical engineer (long story), there were other things in my life. 

So the move to Nashville occurred on early 2003, and we've been here ever since. I always knew Pennsylvania wasn't going to be able to make us happy, though much of my family still resides there. Living amongst the great musicians in Nashville is where I like laying my head. Since becoming a Nashville-ian, I've played with some of the most talented people I could have ever imagined. The list is far too long to include names, but check my photos out; I've included some of my escapades and great bands through the Nashville years.

So come in and stay awhile. Check out my EPK and music pages. Send me a message! I'll try to respond. I don't know how much touring I have left in these bones, but if there is enough interest, for sure I'll come your way.